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Up for something different. Crave to try anal and more. I live in Capel Sound vic. So only message if you live in Victoria SE suburbs to Portsea. I’ll be in Frankston Sunday 9th may 2021 message or call before 7pm today saturday 8th may to organise meet if we like each other see what happens. 69js66 kik id cum msg me. Read all the profile. 69js66 gmale com cum take my anal virginity let me try anal and give me an experience that may change my life OMG all I want is one I wish I could have you all I'm so randy and it gets worse every time I look at this site. A woman female or trans I don't care so long as your real can hug, kiss and play ;) lets hook up and see where it goes I won't msg here but cum take me on a trip I know I'll love and let me love you or lust into you I'm so ready for my first anal penetration giving and receiving and more. Take me and lets explore what I've never done before, I have a feeling from you I'll want more and more. My only wish and desire to have a huge place to have you all there to blow my mind and we all can get satisfied 100% of the time. I give ways to contact and no one does yet so many say they don’t meet etc. I want to do and no one does. Typical of scammers inc scam sites. If you live within 40km of Capel Sound the closer the longer we can have together. At 40km may have only 30min :(. Rosebud or close to Capel Sound possible 1 to 2 hours. If so or I have shown interest call me leave message I will return call. I only want one lover to experience things with my wife won't do or try. If your wanting or are into kinky I wanna meet you as well. Add up between the "" and call me leave number or way to contact you. If " " = zero. "Meyou" "Foreplayy" "lusty" "horny" "fuck" " " "U" "lust" No bull shi**ers want to chat here for awhile you're scammers if like me you want to meet or fuck then do it there's no try. If we meet and you don't like we depart and go. If we like each other then there's possibilities. Open to anything mutually agreed to. With or without condoms, Impregnate or not by mutual consent. I'm std, drug and disease free expect same. Married so need 100% discreet and secret. Do things wife won’t do or try. Open to anything mutually agreed to. 66js69 g male com Had bad experiences with places like this so msg me if I have liked you I want to meet you and see if we connect. If I have liked you follow the clues msg me I’m so wanting an encounter I may be fantasising about being with you an wanking off to your pics and messages. if you’re reading this and rather me fucking and or you fucking me message me. I’m std drug and disease free non smoker expect same. With or without protection by mutual consent. Pussy or penis if from here I want only one lover life is short let’s work to meet and let’s see where it goes. Damn this site is so hot. A trans curious guy like me I’m streight atm I’m naked and horny as Fuck and my little head is erect and in control a bad combination when a sexual partner is desired to be with and let loose my kinky wild fantasies cum to life, and yours as well. Or if you want to meet face to face let me know and I’ll put time and public location here. I may be tempted to outdoor sex, or public sex in plaza rest room or somewhere secluded. I’ve never done anything like this but for right one may be tempted

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